Human Design with Rev Ric

Start Your Journey To Rediscovering Your Life!


Welcome to the first step of your journey to Remembering Yourself!  Human Design is your tool for getting to know yourself all over again - but this time with the added benefit of knowing how you fit into the big picture puzzle that is Life.  Are you ready to take possession of the Passport to Your Life?

 The image above is known as a Human Design Mandala with what we call the "body graph" lying in the center.  It is this body graph that we use when referring to a person's chart.  The mandala pictured above is mine, Reverend Ric.  If you have already learned a bit about Human Design then this chart reveals that I am a Projector with Self-Projected Authority.  I also have a 5/1 Profile.  If this information is gobble-di-gook to you, then please come inside and begin your journey of discovery.  When you are ready, request your FREE Chart and Overview Reading and see what your design helps you to remember about yourself!