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Meet the Minister

A Painful Beginning

Hi there!  I'm Reverend Ric and from an early age, I discovered that pharmaceuticals did not effectively work on me.  I suffered from a type of migraine headache that consisted of a constant, dull ache that surrounded the vision center of my brain for 4 - 5 days at a time without letting up except for when I finally managed to fall asleep. No aspirin, child strength or adult strength, alleviated the pain that just took over after a day or so.  Although it was not the acute pain that plagues some people (I only had that kind ONCE and only for one day, thankfully!), nonetheless it grew to be unbearable in it's own way.  My mother, of course, took me to the doctor who performed every test he could think of to no avail.  There just simply wasn't an answer to why they occurred; what made them stop as suddenly as they started; or why they lasted for so long.  Not only that, the doctor was also stumped as to why I would not respond to the medications.

After watching a PBS (Public Broadcasting System) television special on Biofeedback, I thought to myself, "I can do that."  Over the next several months, I dedicated myself to mastering the only two things I knew biofeedback could do for you: raise and lower your body temperature and make your heart beat faster or slower.  When I was satisfied that I had sufficiently mastered these activities I turned my attention to other areas.  I started wondering what other bodily functions can you gain control over using this biofeedback thing.  For a couple of years, I practiced on anything I thought I could monitor and soon learned that there are many, many ways in which to influence your body with just this simple technique.  My headaches had finally become a thing of the past!  Intrigued by the whole notion that you could influence your body just by focusing your thoughts, attention and energy on it, I soon turned to other such "mysterious" healing techniques.

It's All Energy!

I had heard about Acupuncture, but didn't like the thought of all those  needles in my body so when I heard about Acupressure and Reflexology, I decided to find out what I could about those techniques as well.  Each time I satisfied my own curiosity, I came across another healing technique that intrigued me, and thus began my life-long study of Energy Healing.  I soon found that not only could I apply these techniques to myself but I could also use them on my friends.  Moreover, the more I used them, the more "connected" I felt to the energy flowing through me and my friends and the more easily I could tap into it.

Later, while in college and studying the martial arts, I learned various other ways to connect to and be "in balance" with the energy around me - my own as well as that of friends, strangers, animals and even the Earth itself.  I learned about the concept of Chi, the Chakras and the energy inherent in various stones and crystals.  Interestingly enough, the more I studied about using energy to help others get "in balance" the more I realized: it's all energy!  Everything around us and in us has a vibrational frequency, an energetic signature, if you will.  The key to getting in balance is in learning to harmonize these frequencies.  I started using this insight to open (unblock) the energy pathways on my own body and later helped my friends to do the same.  I became adept at using some of the old Reflexology pressure points to find the blocks and remove them.  Later, I learned about the Meridians and realized that what my fingers were feeling was actually the energy itself flowing through these channels and collecting in pools at the blockages.  I continued studying anything I could on the flowing of energy through the human body and how to trace and manipulate it.

Spiritual Peacemaker and Healer 

One of the things I've learned is that there is a very special and unique connection between this Healing Energy and that source of divinity I like to refer to as Spirit.  Today, as a Spiritual Peacemaker and Healer, I continue to study and combine many of the old techniques with several "new" ones (ancient arts that are new to me) and with my own Spiritual path to create my own form of Healing Touch, Healing Massage and Spirit-Inspired Guidance (of which Human Design is a principal tool)

Moreover, through my study of Human Design I help others understand not only why all this energy is flowing through their bodies but also what they are supposed to do with it all: how it can benefit them and others; how it can help in communications and in interactions with others; etc.  For details on the services offered, please go to our Appointments page.

We are truly magnificent, radiant beings and are designed to interact with each other in many wonderful ways.  Let me help you reach your energetic potential and start living the life you were designed to live - one filled with Peace, health, happiness and wholeness!

In Service & Gratitude,
Rev Ric