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Quotes A few days ago, Rev Ric did an Overview Reading for me. I find that he is kind, very generous, professional, attentive, able to listen and great at tuning in and delivering helpful information. While listening to his radio shows on BlogTalk Radio I had had already a feeling about all of that, and 'meeting' him just confirmed it. Thanks again, Ric, I'm grateful. Namaste, Quotes
Elena D.
Thank you

Quotes Being a long-time student of metaphysical and New Age types of "practices", I've tried a lot of different services. I am always interested in learning more and finding what resonates for and with me. The Human Design concept was intriguing to me and the reading was very enlightening. Rev Ric showed me how my life is ordered, if you will, and why I experience the cycles and rhythms that I do. I found the whole thing so fascinating that I asked him to present a workshop in my area! I think that if a technique teaches you about yourself and reveals new insights allowing you to grow further, it is worthwhile....Human Design is such a service! Quotes
Sandy V
Fascinating and Empowering!

Quotes Rev Ric is a wonderful teacher and mentor. His passion for HD is contagious. His perspective is always a breath of fresh air.. Ric also has a remarkable ability to simplify complex information. All I have to say about his personality is "cool beans". Quotes
Joseph Gabrielson
Life Coach & Human Design Enthusiast

Quotes Rev Ric is very insightful, giving a wonderful reading which explain allot of things to me, for which I am grateful. I found Rev Ric dedicated and knowledgable in the field of Human Design. The combined of his humility and his desire to serve, touched me deeply and I highly recommend Rev Ric, to anyone seeking to understand more about their Human design. Quotes
Eliza Whitworth
Healing chancellor

Quotes Rev Ric is wonderful. He is insightful and gifted in helping you understand who you really are. I always knew generally who I was, but after receiving my reading and learning what my strategy is and how to live my life in accordance with it, lots of great things in my life and business have opened up. For example, my old strategy was barging ahead, and it met with lots of anger and resentment. Now knowing my new strategy of waiting to respond first then initiating as necessary has led to increased sales, and opportunities to speak have been made available to me. Also, learning my design has helped me be comfortable in my own skin and learn to use my design effectively to manifest and grow my new business. If you want to know and understand your authentic self and live your life accordingly, then you can't afford not to enroll in his Designed for Living program. I have never been the same. Quotes
Marlena Kelley
Founder, Choose You This Day Network

Quotes Rev Ric, I have seen such a change in my life personally and in my business, since I have been following my human design path. I have learned how to comfortably approach people and how to inform them what I plan to do without offending them. This past week's weekly transit report was perfect for me. Being a Manifesting Generator I rush forward without thinking. This week's Transit Report said to use patience. I listened and I waited patiently. By doing that I gained insight into what our Master Mind Group is going to do and I was able to respond to my Upline in an appropriate manner rather than reacting the way I normally would have. Thank you so much for everything you do. Regards, Lorna Quotes
Personal Financial Coach

Quotes I am VERY glad with the quality of my reading! It explains alot to me about my own behavior and gives me insight on how to work with my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses. Thanks Rev for all that you do! Quotes
Loyal Patron to Human Design

Quotes Human Design draws on a wealth of human wisdom. It reveals the rich tapestry of humanity and points out my own true colors. The awareness questions, life strategy, and strengths it proffers on a personal level have given poignant clarity to areas in my life where had been previously confused about or unconscious of. The full reading expanded on various connections and themes in my chart and Ric was at hand with special techniques for and insights on the kind of person I am. It's another source of guidance on my path of healing. One of its messages I like is we humans are empowered and completed by one another. Quotes
Dave Anderson
In Gratitude