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Knowing Yourself Series (3 Semesters)

The focus of this series is to present the participant with a full understanding of the basic elements of his/her design – illuminated by one’s body graph – and be able to implement the practices and concepts associated with those elements.  This will allow the participants to engage in the experiment of consciously living one’s design from a position of awareness.

The series will be presented in 3 semesters where each semester builds on the previous one.
  • First Semester (101): Begins with the basics and establishes a firm foundation on Energy Centers, Type & Strategy, Profile and Authority. 
  • Second Semester (102): Goes into detail on the 64 Gates and their relationship to the Centers in which they exist. 
  • Third Semester (103): Completes the “tour” of yourself by bringing things together in a detailed understanding of the body graph circuitry and how it helps to “tell the story of you”. 

By the end of the series, you will:

  • Have a full understanding of the foundational elements of your design;
  • Know how to recognize them when they express themselves in your everyday life; and
  • Be more adept at recognizing the expressions of conditioning when they occur.

In short, you will have a more conscious awareness of when you are “in the flow” of your own energies and when you are not.  Thus, you will be more in harmony with your own design and experience more of the synchronicity and ease we all wish to experience.

Note: Although this series of courses is offered in sequence, you do not need to take them in that order.  Every effort will be made to make this series understandable and useful to all students no matter where you start!


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Continuing Education Series

This series is a one-hour educational program meeting twice a month to help you build a solid foundation for understanding the elements of your own Human Design chart and applying the principles of Human Design to your own life.  This series offers educational content for you to absorb (or not) at your own pace.  All sessions are recorded and the recordings are available for purchase even if you choose not to attend the live sessions. 

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