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Since the chart is based on your specific birth data: date, time and place; if you donít know your exact birth time there are several things you can do to try to get it or at least narrow down the time of day:

  • If you have a Birth Certificate, look for your birth time on it.  If not or if it isn't there,
  • Try talking to people who knew you at birth - parents, relatives, friends of the family, etc - to narrow down the time period you were born; eg. Morning, Between 12pm & 2pm, etc.
  • Otherwise, sit and meditate on your birth time and select the time that feels most appropriate to you

Privacy Policy: 

Any private information you provide will be used strictly for the creation of your Human Design chart.  We will never rent, sell or give your private information to anyone for any reason short of a court order to provide such information.  We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously.  In fact, any data you provide to us, we consider to be "privileged information" between minister and lay person.