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Establishing Solid Footing

On this page and all its related sub-pages, you'll find educational information to help you in your investigations of Human Design.  This is for those of you out there who need to establish a firm foundation for yourself (all you 1st line profiles!) before moving forward with your personal journey of discovery and remembrance.  It is also for anyone interested in getting to know more about the nature of Human Design and how it can help you in your day-to-day lives.  Many of these topics have a corresponding online, instructor-led class which will delve into more detail on the subject.  Wherever appropriate & applicable, links to the descriptions of these classes have been included.

On these pages you'll be able to read about:

  • 5 Roles: 4 Types & the "Secret Love Child"
  • 9 Energy Centers
  • 64 Gates, 6 Lines & 12 Profiles
  • Our Relationships: Partners, Children, Family, etc
  • Continuing the Journey: the "Return Charts"


Foundations of Human Design

 Origins in Ancient Wisdom

Human Design comes to us from a variety of sources – it’s the synthesis of several ancient belief systems as well as some modern science (Quantum Physics).  At its foundations you can find elements of each of these systems: Eastern & Western Astrology; the Chinese I Ching; the Hindu Chakras; and the Kabalistic Tree of Life. These ancient sources of knowledge come together in Human Design to show us our unique decision-making authority; our motivations and how we are perceived by others; our potentials for experiencing great joy or suffering through tough lessons; even the areas where we'll have the greatest opportunities for deep wisdom.

Astrology gives Human Design the planetary positions which reveal the gate activations in a chart.  Unlike Astrology, however, Human Design uses two sets of calculations to give a complete picture of who you really are.  The first set of calculations occurs at the time of your birth (just as in astrology) and fixes the gate activations of which you have a conscious awareness.  We call these activations the Personality Gates.

The second set of calculations reveals the planetary positions at roughly three months prior to birth (88 degrees of the Sun).  These positions fix the gate activations that you may or may not be consciously aware of; we call these activations the Design Gates.

The gates themselves come to Human Design from the I Ching.  The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching are each made of six lines (hence, the term “hexagram”) which break down into a lower trigram (bottom 3 lines) and an upper trigram (top 3 lines).  Both concepts, the hexagram and its lines, have carried over into Human Design as the 64 Gates and the detailed expressions found in their 6 Lines.

The Gates are distributed among the 9 Energy Centers which have their origins in the Hindu Chakra System.  The chakras consist of 7 major centers while Human Design contains two extra centers: the Spleen and the Identity.  Each center processes a different kind of energy (e.g., mental, physical, emotional, etc.) and appears in the Body Graph (HD chart) in one of two states: Defined or Undefined.

Connecting these energy centers together is a network of Channels whose matrix is very reminiscent of an inverted Tree of Life from the Kabalistic tradition.  These channels actually connect a specific gate in one energy center to a positionally corresponding gate in another energy center.  When both gates are activated in a chart, the channel allows the specific energies of each gate to flow freely between the energy centers and “fill them up.”  In the Human Design Body Graph, this appears as two colored-in energy centers and a colored-in line connecting them.  We refer to this colorful conjunction as Definition.

Although most of these ancient systems were utilized in divination, it is important to note that Human Design does not work that way.  It merely provides a way for an individual to make sense of his/her own way of doing things and of relating to the outside world.  Life’s challenges and mysteries give way to a unique sense of "normalcy" when one obtains a thorough understanding of his/her Profile, Type, Strategy and Definition.  (Listen to this brief audio recording to find out more.)

 Ties to Modern Science

The foundations of Human Design do not exist only in ancient wisdom; modern-day science also helps define this amazing tool.  Quantum Physics and Particle Physics bring their influence in the form of minute particles known as neutrinos.  These tiny particles pass through celestial bodies on their journeys through space and ultimately cause the activations of the gates by way of those planetary influences.  Also, the existence of the Magnetic Monopole of Human Design has finally (in recent years) been validated by science.  As science advances more and more, the simple "truths" of Human Design, which have been known since the late 1980's, get their much awaited "day in the Sun," adding more credibility and respectability to this still little-known area of self-awareness and self-remembrance. 

The Body Graph

The Human Design Body Graph lies at the center of the Mandala.  The Mandala is the full chart generated from your birth data.  When giving a reading, however, the Body Graph provides all the necessary information for the discussion.  For example, the Body Graph not only depicts the Defined and Undefined Energy Centers (colored in and white, respectively), it also immediately shows the Gate and Channel Definition, Type and Authority.  Furthermore, the “chart” distributed to the client looks similar to the one pictured below and allows for the clear identification of one’s Profile as well as the particular planetary influences on each active gate. It also reveals which energetic activations carry a conscious awareness (the black Personality column of Gate Activations) and which ones may express themselves in ways that we may not even notice until someone points it out to us (the red Design column of Gate Activations).


Once a month, we offer a FREE orientation class called Body Graphic Basics in which you can learn to identify all the things mentioned here and more. See the Calendar for dates, times and descriptions.

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In Human Design, Authority refers to how we make decisions; in fact, it is more correctly referred to as our Decision-Making Authority (DMA).  Our DMA helps us to make clear, worry-free decisions each and every time by utilizing the consistent, reliable energy in our designs. We learn as children that we’re expected to think about our actions and base our decisions on these thoughts.  Human Design teaches us that the mind, although excellent for evaluating all the angles of the situation, cannot make clear and accurate decisions because it constantly sees “another side” to the decision. 


Remembering that mental energy engages in the deep thoughts regarding the mysteries of life, the abstract imagery that ultimately forms the “big picture” or the logical process that must test every possible outcome, it becomes clear why the mind has such difficulty in making worry-free decisions.  Moreover, we can train ourselves to make decisions based on mental evaluation and “stick to” those decisions, but that training does not stop the mental anxiety associated with forcing the mind to make a decision it is not suited to make. 

The undefined energy centers are where conditioning takes place – i.e., where the outside world influences you – and that influence changes with your environment. It makes sense, then, that your Decision-Making Authority lies with the reliable, consistent energy of your defined centers. Depending on which energy centers you have defined in your Design, you will have either Inner Authority or Outer Authority

Outer Authority simply means that your ability to make clear, solid decisions comes from having external conversations with people you trust in order to hear your own voice and how you say what you say.  Inner Authority, by contrast, relies on recognizing and honoring the internal tug, push or pull coming from one of the defined energy centers below the Throat. Your definition will determine whether you have Ego Authority, Self-Projected Authority, Emotional Authority, etc.

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Daily Conditioners


A Human Design chart is fixed at the time of one's birth with specific gate activations as shown by the red & black bars in the body graph.  Those gate activations are determined by the positions of the Sun, Earth, Moon and other planets; however, as we all know the planets don't stand still.  They continue on their journey through the celestial heavens and continue to have an influence on our daily lives. 

Although they no longer have any permanent effect on the gates in our Designs, they nevertheless exert their particular form of expression on each gate they traverse.  As they move from one gate to the next, they create different conditioning fields that affect our entire society as a human collective.  These changing conditioning fields are known as the "Transits" and may have beneficial and/or devastating impacts on our lives. 

The good news is the conditioning of the Transits is only temporary.  The bad news is the conditioning of the Transits is only temporary.  Whatever effect they have, beneficial or not, that effect will change by the next day.  It is important to understand that these impacts are only the energetic expression of that day and that tomorrow will bring a new expression.  The best way to make sure you don't get caught up in the fickleness of the Transits is to live out your Design by following your Strategy and Authority.  Following your specific Strategy is like having an umbrella to protect your from the driving rain; honoring your Authority is like having a flashlight when the power goes out during the storm.  Together, they'll get you through any passing energetic "weather front" the Transits might whip up. 


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5 Roles: 4 Types & the "Secret Love-Child"

Introduction to the Roles

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The 4 Types

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The Secret Love-Child

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9 Energy Centers


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Each Center

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64 Gates, 6 Lines & 12 Profiles


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