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What is Human Design?


It’s widely accepted that there is no User’s Guide when it comes to living life, but what if there was at least a road map that explained how to get from one point/place/phase in life to another?  What if there existed a detailed map showing the best way to get and keep the perfect job for you; the perfect life partner; the best health?  Such a map would be a sought after treasure worthy of an Indiana Jones adventure!! 

Well, such a map DOES exist and YOU hold the key to finding it!  That map is your Human Design chart – uniquely your own because it is generated from your birth data: date, time and location.  As a Human Design Specialist, I facilitate your acquiring of this map and teach you to read the symbols and legend on it sending you on your journey to remembering yourself.  This is the passport to the greatest adventure of your life: the living of your life by design

Click the map & compass image above to request your FREE Human Design chart and see where your unique treasure map will lead you!  


Human Design comes to us from a variety of sources – it’s the synthesis of several ancient belief systems as well as some modern science (Quantum Physics).  At its foundations you can find elements of each of these systems: Eastern & Western Astrology; the Chinese I Ching; the Hindu Chakras; and the Kabalah Tree of Life. These ancient sources of knowledge come together in Human Design to show us our unique decision-making authority; our motivations and how we are perceived by others; our potentials for experiencing great joy or suffering through tough lessons; even the areas where we'll have the greatest opportunities for deep wisdom.  To see exactly what each foundational element brings to Human Design, take a look at our Research & Info pages.


Although most of these ancient systems were utilized in divination, it is important to note that Human Design does not work that way.  It merely provides a way for an individual to make sense of his/her own way of doing things and of relating to the outside world.  Life’s challenges and mysteries give way to a unique sense of "normalcy" when one obtains a thorough understanding of his/her Profile, Type, Strategy and Definition.  (Listen to this brief audio recording to find out more.)


Your journey to remember the true essence of who you are brings you face to face with your two most important relationships on the physical plane: your relationship to yourself and your relationship to others.  The I Ching refers to these as your interactions with your Inner Environment, and your interactions with your Outer Environment.

Human Design shows you exactly what elements in your energetic makeup pertain to your  inner and outer environments and thus how you are meant to interact in both.  It brings attention to the things that motivate you, both the things you have conscious awareness of and the motivations of which you are unaware.  Your Design reveals the ways in which you will have the most success in communicating your ideas, knowledge or understanding to others.  Perhaps most importantly, it also shows you exactly how others are meant to deal with you!  

Your Human Design Journey

It's always best to start at the beginning so let's start with a basic understanding of who you are from the perspective of Human Design.  Three key elements in a person's design cover all the basics one needs to begin the journey of discovery or to just simply float along the energetic river until motivated to discover something else.

Everyone born into the world plays one of 5 roles which I like to refer to as the 4 Types and the "Secret Love Child."  Each of these Types carries with it a particular kind of energetic makeup (or blueprint) which has a specific way in which to maximize its potential expressions.  We refer to this as the Strategy for that Type.  The third basic element one should understand is the Profile.  In Human Design, the Profile represents the thematic expression that one seems to face over and over again throughout one's life.   This is the recurring theme that applies in one's interactions with oneself or others (inner & outer environments, respectively) regardless of whether one is aware of that theme or not.

Getting your chart is just the first step.  Having an overview reading to discover your Type, Strategy and Profile is the second.  From there, it's up to you where you will go.  The next step in the sequence is getting a full Foundational Reading to understand the elements of your chart, especially the reliable & consistent elements you can depend on as well as your unique Decision-Making Authority.  Even after all this, you have still only scratched the surface of the hair on your skin.  There is still so much left to discover on your journey!  With these steps, however, you are sufficiently empowered to begin traveling a unique and wonderful road which will always lead you back to your own true self.  

Benefits of Human Design Readings

Imagine having a tool that helps you know exactly what to do in every situation so that you experience the best possible outcome every time: no more guessing about which job to take; where to go on a date; whether you’re ready for a serious, committed relationship; or whether you’re even with the right person for you!

The true beauty of Human Design lies in its ability to empower anyone to live his/her true self, the Design Self, instead of the externally conditioned "Not-Self" generally experienced throughout our lives.  Your chart holds the information to transform your life into one of simplicity, joy and ease.  Once you learn to live your Strategy and honor your Authority, you'll experience a synchronicity that will seem so natural you’ll wonder why things weren’t this easy before.  Not only will others see that your life is free from hindering obstacles, but you’ll also know and understand that the road blocks you encountered previously will never bother you again. 

Get your free chart today then schedule an appointment to have your chart read – a free 30 minute overview ($40 value) – and decide for yourself whether this will be the life-changing tool for you that it has been for many others.  If so, I will be happy to schedule the full 1.5 hour reading for you so that you will get the full benefit from the information in your design.