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Know Yourself Series 102 (Semester 2)


To actively utilize the information contained in one’s body graph to recognize one’s specific gifts, improve communication and make appropriate decisions in one’s life, resulting in a more harmonious life filled with synchronicity and ease.


This semester will run for 13 weeks.  Classes will meet twice a week with an occasional "day off" for processing. Each class will have an associated video introducing the topic and providing a foundation for discussion.  During the class meeting times, these topics will be discussed using specific situations pertaining to the participants’ charts and/or lives.  These will serve as examples of how the pertinent aspect of one’s chart expresses itself in daily life.  We will also discuss various ways of becoming more cognizant of these expressions for a more “aware” experience of the energies of one’s design. 

  • Homework for this course will culminate in a short student presentation focusing on the "Story of You".

This semester's program will focus on “The Gates” of Knowing Yourself in Design.  We will progress through a study of each Energy Center by looking at the Gates it contains and how those energies express themselves - whether activated or not.

 Click here to download the Class Syllabus

Each class will be recorded and made available for review by all participants.  If you can't make a live class, you can still benefit from it by downloading and reviewing it on your schedule.

Details and Registration:

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Simply click one of the payment buttons below and submit your birth data along with your payment.  Birth data required is Birth Date, Birth Time and Birth Location.  We need this data to run your Human Design chart in order to help you with specifics appropriate to you!
  • Class size will be limited to 5 participants per class due to the personalized nature of the curriculum.
Then What?:  
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Class Dates:
Class meets two evenings per week: either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday.  Class dates for the next session are from TBD (We may finish early depending on class size.)
Class Times: 
Class times will be from 7:00pm to 8:30pm Eastern Time US (Check out our Calendar)

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As an added bonus, all KYS students will receive free access to the Continuing Education Series of weekend discussion groups for the length of the class ($30 value).  No need to register for this series of informational discussions - they take place in the same online classroom as the KYS classes.