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Monthly Special

Each month we will feature one service to offer at a discounted rate.  Below you'll find this month's special offer!

20% OFF Solar Return Reading: Now only $117
This type of Human Design chart occurs each year when the Sun returns to the same position it was in at the time of your birth.  The planetary positions at that time show the current gate activations in what we call your Solar Return chart and indicate the potential energetic expressions you will face in the coming year.  Get your Solar Return reading and be prepared!

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Know Yourself Series - Class 102

This class will continue the journey through the Energy Centers began in class 101, but will focus on the energies of the Gates contained within each Energy Center.  Referred to as the “Gates of Truth,” these energetic expressions form the basis of our actions, reactions, connections and decision-making – among other things.

This semester’s study will look at each of the 64 Gates and how it relates to the Energy Center containing it.  We will focus on developing an understanding of how each Gate expresses itself in the world and how the student, as an individual, can identify this type of expression occurring in his/her daily routines.

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Knowing Yourself Series (3 Semesters)

The focus of this series is to present the participant with a full understanding of the basic elements of his/her design – illuminated by one’s body graph – and be able to implement the practices and concepts associated with those elements.  This will allow the participants to engage in the experiment of consciously living one’s design from a position of awareness.

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Continuing Education Series (CES)

I have been asked to provide an ongoing opportunity for people to learn more about Human Design in an affordable manner.  Please join me and my special guest presenters for the Continuing Education Series on Human Design topics.

This series is a one-hour educational program meeting twice a month to help you build a solid foundation for understanding the elements of your own Human Design chart and applying the principles of Human Design to your own life.  This series offers educational content for you to absorb (or not) at your own pace.  All sessions are recorded and the recordings are available for purchase even if you choose not to attend the live sessions. 

You must register to receive the password for attending the session.  Check out our Calendar page for the latest topics and upcoming events.

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